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Le lycée agricole de Do Néva cherche, pour ses 14 semaines de formation en milieu professionnel, des exploitations agricoles en pays anglophones susceptibles d’accueillir ses élèves.

Le futur maître de stage devra, au vu de l’éloignement, accueillir le stagiaire ainsi que lui fournir le gite et le couvert contre le travail fourni. L’ensemble des autres frais sera à la charge de l’établissement.Il peut s'agir d'exploitation avec des fruits, des fleurs, des légumes ,pépinières. Les périodes de formations sont découpées sur 2 ans. En 2014, les périodes sont  du 18/08/2014 au 05/09/2014 et du 24/11/2014 au 19/12/2014. Elles restent encore à définir pour l’année 2015.

Tieya Ingrid

Coordonatrice baccalauréat professionnel




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General objective of the project:


The Government of New Caledonia in the context of regional cooperation funding periods of professional training in English-speaking countries for students in cycle vocational baccalaureate.


Sub objectives:


-         Development of autonomy

-         Discovery of Anglo-Saxon culture

-         Improve their level of English

-         Discovery of various modes of production

-         A report of internship




The Direction of Agriculture of the forest and the environment

Institution: High school vocational agricultural do Neva

Year 2014-2015

Promotion: Bac Pro

Option: Horticultural products


General description:


In-company training periods play an irreplaceable role: they allow young people to discover the professional world, with its codes and rules of behavior, to confront the reality of the business, allowing them to have concrete elements of appreciations to then reflect on their orientation, and hands-on experience that promotes their future employability.

The agricultural secondary school of Do Neva asked his students to follow 14 weeks of training in a professional environment with possible support 'fruits, flowers, vegetables, nursery. Several of these media may be present on the selected operation but one is enough for the development of labour asked the intern. Those periods in company therefore are an integral part of training. A partnership must be established with the masters of internship.

The supervisor must accommodate the trainee during 2 periods of 3 courses and 4 weeks each in the first year and in the year of Terminal on his farm.


Period 2014:

-         from 18/08/2014 to 09/05/2014

-         from 24/11/2014 to 19/12/2014


Period 2015: 2 other periods to be defined during the year 2014


It will also host it and feed it during these periods.


The training supervisor will therefore form the trainee during the duration of the internship:

-         It should also guide the trainee in the different tasks that are passed.

-         The trainee may be entrusted to another competent person of the task force, however, the training supervisor will ensure the smooth functioning of the mission.

Tools, necessary to the entrusted work, will be made available to the student so that it can carry out its mission in the best conditions. To do this, growing and interesting responsibilities will be entrusted to him.

During the duration of the internship, the supervisor will check tasks executed and will be listening to this last on these different needs, expectations and the difficulties that it can meet.

Trainees for their part must:


-         Meet the training supervisor, its operation and its place of home

-         Meet schedules and instructions

-         Perform the work requested by the head of internship

-         Collect information on the drafting of its report.




A written 12 to 15 pages document will be produced by each student in which he must make a global diagnostic of the operation and the presentation of one or two supports of production management.

A copy of this report will be sent to the supervisor.

At the end of cycle that is at the end of Terminal, the student will be questioned orally on the content of the report produced.

The note made this test account coefficient 3 on a total of 20 to the achievement of its review.

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